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Single Channel Video Festival
March 1 - 2, 2024

Not Yet

A time uncertain
The situation is unfolding

(In, re,) actions influence the possibilities; fear, disinterest, or
exhaustion affects the shape of a storm in the making.

What are the forces pushing, pulling, twisting
a child
the uprooted or never home
an idea

This earth

Participating Artists: Lisa Blackburn - USA, Brit Bunkley - New Zealand, Wey Yinn Teo - Malaysia, Amanda VanValkenburg - USA,
Chenmo Wu - China, Dowon Yoo - Korea

Images courtesy of the artist: Lisa Blackburn - still from Here and There, Brit Bunkley - still from Natural Intelligence, Wey Yinn Teo - still from Enflightenment, Amanda VanValkenburg - still from Expansion, Chenmo Wu - still from The Lost Conversation, Dowon Yoo - still from Dongwon Kim’s Gesture

You’ve Been Had! 
Single Channel Video Festival
March 10-11, 2023

Even fools like me
Even fools like me
I said you're running out of fools
Even old fools like me

the jig is up

Polonius: O, I am slain!

Babe, we’ve all been there. DEFEAT.

O how you held on. Iron on the tongue - whose blood? - every ragged fingernail, every festered wound cauterized, every sweet asshole clenched. But it’s oooovveerrrr nooowwww. The water rises; the curtain falls. The planet, your lover, the cat, roll to their side and lick themselves, leaving you to shelter on the edge of the bed. So what? Now what?

It’s the old poetry of scoundrels, cads and rogues. Ancient, moody songs that make betrayal sound as normal as fried eggs. Somehow we know the lyrics, but only as they fall out of our mouths.

I wish I could, but my car broke down, and I missed the bus, then the taxman came, and my baby left me, right after the cops pulled me over (before the car broke). The war washed it all anyway.

We regret to inform you.
Thank you for your time.
We had an incredible volume.
Your mother/father and I.
After careful consideration.
Thank you.

Participating Artists: Saïd Afifi - France/ Morocco, Dee Hood - USA, Zerek Kempf - USA,  Shori Sims - USA, Kate Stone - USA, Ryan Muchen Wang - USA, Rebecca Weisman - USA

Images courtesy of the artist: Dee Hood - still from Realigning the Forward Back, Kate Stone - still from Insides, Rebecca Weisman - still from Tap Lessons, Ryan Muchen Wang - still from Can’t Let Go, Saïd Afifi - still from Etymology, Shori Sims - still from Two Story Home, Zerek Kempf - still from This Is How You Start the Clock

Broken Compass
Single Channel Video Festival
March 4-6, 2022

broken compass – land ho

We are thinking about visibility, vantage points and our mutualistic relationships to place: seeing and being seen within and through the reverberations of shifting worlds. Pressed against the earth, what’s under your nose? Breathe it in. Draw from memory one end to the next.

Is to be unknowable, to be free?
What would the notion of discovery look like freed from its extractive, violent history?

Where could nomadic movement guided by difference, ambiguity, and detours lead us?
Can we imagine and be in relation with what we can’t fix by name?

We are thinking about land.

Participating Artists: Heidi E Cooper-Bassam – USA, Katerie Gladdys – USA, Janice Howard – UK, Ahmed  Ozsever – USA, Serena Perrone – Italy/USA, 
Duane Peterson lll – USA, Sam Sloan Wiechert – USA

Images courtesy of the artist: Ahmed Ozsever - still from Reading the (Rock) Record, Duane Peterson III - still from Recreation, Heidi E Cooper-Bassam - still from âbi, Janice Howard - still from A Flying Centre of Gravity, Katerie Gladdys - still from Cranefly, Sam Sloan Wiechert - still from Parasympathetic, Serena Perrone - still from Sideroads


A performance in 3 acts by Kate Donnelly

April, 2022, Danville, Vermont
May, 2022, Burlington, Vermont

September, 2022, Shelburne, Vermont

About the performance:

The first installment of work begun before the Pandemic, Kate Donnelly’s performance introduces an archive of unruly grief and her attendant: desire. It tracks the artist’s own movements, along with those of her sister and mother, within sites made transcendent by grief: an old farmhouse, a garden, family. It foregrounds efforts of futility: bodies orbit annoyance and longing against backgrounds transforming at their own slow and steady pace.

Generous support provided by Vermont Arts Council, Vermont Studio Center, The Pollock Krasner Foundation, and Snakehouse VT.

I Swallowed My Mother
While Reading Freud To My Father 

An exhibition of sound, objects, and text by Sumru Tekin

August 24-31, 2022, Burlington, Vermont

Presented by Snake House VT and The Missing Library 

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